Fight Addictions With A Therapist

An Addiction Therapist Can Help Like No One Else Can.

The human brain can become addicted to things. Nobody is too smart, too special, too tough, or too stubborn to develop an addiction. Before you read that and think “Not me…” realize that “addiction” doesn’t just apply to substance abuse. People can experience a staggering variety of addictions.

Drugs, phones, foods, behaviors, toxic relationships, gaming, or porn, to name a few we help people with all the time.

Find a Therapist That Really Understands


People are complex and it is very common for us to take many small steps down a path over the course of years and not realize how far we have come.

It’s important to have an outside observer you can trust on these thing. You should have a friend, partner, family member, or therapist you can talk to about these things who is far enough removed from it themselves to give you properly objective advice.

Furthermore you should check in with them openly and frequently. Some people post questions about situations publicly to garner the input of others, but those answers seldom come from a place of care and concern for you.

In our experiences with addiction at our Greensboro therapy practice, we have helped many people over come addictions they were struggling with. Advice from a friend can help you see things from another perspective but many times knowing about an addiction and wanting to stop isn’t enough. That’s literally why they are called addictions.

Trained and experienced addiction counselors are a nearly essential part of recovering. Smart and strong willed people often imagine they could blink and cure themselves but the way humans and habits work make that idea very unrealistic.

Addictions are not something to be ashamed of… In fact, they are pretty typical in most cultures today. The over-arching reasons for this are too numerous and nebulous to frame up in a single therapy article, but the framework for helping a one person wanting help using their mind, their effort, and their time to breakaway from a behavior is becoming clearer every year as the collective knowledge & experience of behavioral counselors continues to grow.

Find a Therapist That Really Understands

We specialize in helping people move past mental health disorders, substance abuse problems, and behavioral issues. If you have struggled to find a therapist in the past, you are in the right place now. There are four counselors in our group, so we help a wide range of clients, including other therapists. Our strength is the ability to match you with a therapist who is an expert at helping people with your specific needs. Call  us today!

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NC Therapist Taylor Krumroy from Greensboro