Adolescent or Teen Counseling can help your child gain tools to bet them back to a good place.
They deserve a happy, balanced, and productive life.

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Have a struggling teen? Struggling to know how to best help?
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Teen on his way to adolescent counseling

Teen Counseling Can Make All The Difference

As a caring parent, you have tried everything you can think of to help them. You want to help them overcome their struggles but they seem to be getting worse instead of better, it’s time to give me a call.

I specialize in teen counseling. I help even in severe cases where teens are dealing with depression, self-harm, or other destructive behaviors.

They find it refreshing to meet with someone who is “not their parent” – who they can talk to openly and who has their best interest at heart.

Teens appreciate meeting with an understanding therapist who will not judge them, will listen intently to them, help them feel valued, and recognize their strengths. It is an honor to be invited into an adolescent’s life and to help them learn new skills and make sense of the world in a healthier and more uplifting way.

We help teens struggling with anxiety, low self-confidence, depression, defiance, falling behind in school, friend/relationship struggles, pornography habit, suicidal thoughts, anger, emotion regulation, and managing the stress and overwhelm of life.

Our goal is to help your teen be happy and successful again. We look forward to helping your soon-to-be thriving teen!

A Teen Therapist That Really Helps

I am Taylor Krumroy. I specialize in working with behavioral issues, mental health disorders, and substance abuse problems. I am the therapist that people come to (including other therapists) when the help they need is hard to find in traditional therapy. I have helped many people get well who didn’t think they could, sometime after trying unsuccessfully with other counselors.

You made it this far… The call is free. Don’t leave without taking the most important step!

NC Therapist Taylor Krumroy from Greensboro