You just made the first step towards finding your sense of control and happiness in your life.
You deserve a happy, balanced, and productive life.

We Can Help!

Our philosophy is that through a mixture of mind, body, and soul you can achieve your dreams.
We provide individual, family, and group therapy based on your needs

Therapy For Me

Nobody wants to spend years in therapy. I have training in methods like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) & DBT (Dialectic Behavior Therapy) to help you overcome issues quicker and more completely.

Counseling For Youth

Child Therapy and Adolescent Counseling require special training and approach. Our method works well for helping struggling youth regain what they might be missing for healthy growth.

Contact Us

Contact Taylor Krumroy to find out what type of treatment will best help you get you on track for where you’d rather be in the near and distant future. Ask me questions, the phone call is free!

A Therapist That Really Understands

My Name is Taylor. I specialize in working with behavioral issues, mental health disorders, or substance abuse problems. I’m the therapist people come to (including other therapists) when the help they need is hard to find in traditional therapy. I have helped many people get well who didn’t think they could, sometime after trying unsuccessfully with other counselors.

You made it this far… The call is free. Don’t leave without taking the most important step!

NC Therapist Taylor Krumroy from Greensboro
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